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1.Rules - The intent of all tournament rules is to ensure safety, conservation, good sportsmanship, and fair competition. Federal, State, and Local laws shall take precedence over all tournament rules. Violation of Federal, State, or Local law during tournament hours may result in disqualification. Interpretation of tournament rules shall be the duty of the tournament director. 2.Safety - Safe boating practices must be observed at all times. Competitors must wear a fastened, U.S. Coast Guard approved, personal flotation device anytime the combustion engine is in operation.  Note: An engine is considered to be in operation anytime the propeller is engaged. Tournaments may be shortened, postponed, or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions at the tournament director’s discretion. Boats must be a minimum of 12 feet in length and be in sound condition. Engine must not exceed U.S. Coast Guard horsepower rating. No engine can exceed 250 horsepower regardless of boat horsepower rating. Gas may be purchased on the water, but only from public marinas. The use of alcohol or mind-altering substances is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate disqualification. All boats must maintain a safe distance from all other boats while on plane. 3.Conservation - Competitors and Tournament Directors must make every effort possible to ensure the healthy release of all fish. Tournaments may be postponed or canceled at the tournament director’s discretion due to extreme environmental factors that could adversely affect fish mortality, i.e. excessively high water temperatures. All boats must contain properly aerated livewell space. All fish must be released immediately after weigh-in. Culling of dead fish is prohibited. One pound will be deducted from a team’s total weight for each dead bass that team weighs in. 4.Good Sportsmanship - Good sportsmanship and courtesy must be maintained and exhibited to all other watercraft and individuals. As natural resources become more limited and public waterways become more crowded, the manner in which all bass fishing tournament participants conduct themselves will have profound consequences for the future of tournament bass fishing. Any competitor that behaves in a manner that reflects poorly on the sport of tournament bass fishing may be disqualified. No boat may fish within 20 yards of any individual that is fishing. 5. Fair Competition - All bass must be caught alive and in a sporting manner. Only artificial lures may be used. Trolling is not permitted. An individual competitor may use only one rod at a time. The tournament limit is five fish. No one may possess more than five fish. Length limit is 14 inches, unless local laws state otherwise. Any fish that does not measure to the legal length will result in a 1 pound deduction (per fish) from the total weight. All participants will have an opportunity to measure any questionable fish on a bump board provided in the weigh-in line before the official measurements. All boats must remain in tournament waters during tournament hours except in the case of an emergency such as severe weather. In the event of severe weather a boat may be trailored and re-launched after conditions have improved. All competitors must remain in their boats during tournament hours except in the case of an emergency such as personal injury, sever weather, or trips to a restroom. All fishing must be done from within the boat while on tournament waters and with both team members present. All boats must check out at the beginning of every tournament and must check in at the end of every tournament. Competitors that do not check in at the appointed time will have 1 pound deducted from their total weight for every minute they are late. Competitors more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified. Competitors that fail to check in will be reported to local authorities as missing. It is imperative that competitors not able to finish a tournament notify the tournament director so that all boats can be accounted for at the tournament’s end. Only fish weighed in during official tournament hours, brought in by water, and with both team members present may be counted. In the event of mechanical break down or an emergency, competitors may be towed by another boat or enter the boat of another competitor. Ties will be resolved by the largest fish of each team. The next largest fish will be used in the event of a tie in the largest fish and so on until the tie is broken.

6. Alternate Rule - Your partner for the season will be your partner whom you start with.  Each team is allowed one alternate during the season. Once used, you must fish solo if your regular partner cannot make it to the next event.

7. Boats shorter in length than 15' will, by default, takeoff after the larger boats due to safety concerns!  If there is more than one boat in the 12' to 15' class you will then takeoff by the highest number.

Additional Info:
Takeoff: First Light
Weigh-in: 3:00 p.m. at boat ramp
License: A Texas license is required
Catch Limit: 5; Size Limit: 14" on all bass with exceptions being Clear Creek 12", Dickinson Bayou 12", and Conroe must be 16"